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A contract must be in writing.

No. An oral contract can be enforced unless there is a specific law (e.g. statute of frauds, Home Improvement Act) that requires that type of contract to be in writing to be enforceable.

It’s always best to cooperate with the police and tell them what they need to know.

It is best to not talk to the police until you have talked to your attorney.

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You can beat a breathalyzer by putting pennies under your tongue or eating peanut butter before taking the test

There is no shortage of rumored tricks to mess up breathalyzers. They do not work. The way to avoid failing a breathalyzer is to not be legally drunk.Lawyer Directory WWW.LAWYERRATING.CA – a service that benefits everyone

If the police ask to search me (or my home or car) and I refuse, they will think that I’m guilty.

This is probably true–the police likely will think you’re guilty. That is not a good reason to consent to a search. Here’s the deal: in this situation, the police already think you’re guilty. Do not consent to a search and make it easier for a court to actually find you guilty.

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Arrested persons have the right to one phone call

Not really. Arrested persons must be allowed to contact an attorney. While police tend to allow arrestees to call family or friends to help them bond out or to make other arrangements, there is no Constitutional right to this.

Lawyer Directory WWW.LAWYERRATING.CA – a service that benefits everyone

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