1. Get the whole set.
When investing in a suit, buy all the parts: jacket, pencil skirt, pants and even the matching sheath dress. they’ll carry you through the seasons and be your fundamental wardrobe building blocks. Grey and navy are safest, but black can work if you like a more dramatic look.

2. Err on the side of conservative.
When it comes to fashion (and pretty much everything else), most law firms are fairly traditional places. so if you find yourself wondering, “is this too tight?” “is this too short?” or “is this too low?” the answer is probably “Yes.”

3. Inject some color.
Despite rule #2, looking like a lawyer doesn’t have to be a total sartorial snoozefest. Add a pop of color with tops and accessories. Blouses with subtle prints liven up a skirt or pantsuit. toss in a scarf in this season’s orange or graphic prints.

4. Put your best foot forward.
Stock up on closed-toe, mid-heel (two to three-and-a-half inch) black pumps. Anything higher is tacky, not to mention painful, and anything lower is a little too casual. Can you get away with a peep-toe? Look to the most senior woman at the firm and follow her lead.

5. Go beyond Banana.
Decrease your chances of becoming accidental outfit twins by skipping Banana Republic. Try J. Crew, Judith & Charles or Brooks Brothers — all ship to Canada if you’re a fan of online shopping.

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